Chairman Message

The great December 2018 revolution marked a new era in Sudan’s history.
We stand together, committed to advancing the nation and building
a bright future for every generation.

Sudan Urban Development Think Tank (SUDTT) is a voluntary body established with the aim to elevate the life of the Sudan People through upgrading their professional and technical capabilities in the sectors of urban development, Urban planning, infrastructure and transportation - as well as finding immediate and future solutions to the country's predicaments by a group of Experts and Engineers.


With practical measures we aim to eliminate the existing and anticipated challenges related to the operation of the various governmental bodies and department concerned with urban development, taking into account the economic and political characteristics of Sudan. SUDTT brings together Sudanese experts, scholars and consultants in a research, technical and advisory work environment in order to achieve knowledge sharing. Our path will not be as smooth as silk and will be filled with uncertainties, however we are optimistic about the growth prospects of SUDTT and in realizing our desired goals”.

CEO Message

Welcome to SUDTT. For considerable period of time, Sudan has endured poor economic performance and equally poor urban development and infrastructure. These vital economic enablers often suffered from lack of vision, inadequate strategic planning, mismanagement, corruption, poor funding and lowly execution and maintenance.

Great nations are built by its people and governments collectively. I firmly believe that any effort should be the sum of the parts. This is especially true of SUDTT. On the pages of this presentation you will hopefully get a glimpse of what we have to offer and appreciate our vision, mission, values and what we stand for.


Our philosophy is simple: With December 2018 revolution’s blessing, we are steadfast determined to assist Sudan by enabling our confident, articulate, professional Sudanese men and women to contribute directly in matters related to urban development and infrastructure. We believe we offer outstanding local solutions with a rich blend of local and international expertise. Together we are stronger.

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