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SUDTT Strategy Task Force was commissioned in May 2021 to identify and prioritize the organization’s projects for the next 4 years using the lean strategic management process. The process started by conducting a SWOT and PESTEL analysis for SUDTT and the relevant Urban Design and Infrastructure sectors. Organization’s Guiding Principles were developed to ensure boundary limits were established for SUDTT’s scope.

With the organization’s approved Vision and Mission statements in mind, internal and external challenges facing the sectors of Urban Development and Infrastructure in Sudan were identified.

Challenges were then classified into technical, institutional and capacity building categories. Next, objectives were formulated to address the identified challenges.

Capacity Building
  • 19 Projects proposed
  • Supports improvement of capabilities in relevant sector public and private institutions.
  • 17 projects proposed
  • Establishes governance in relevant sectors
  • 15 Projects proposed
  • Focus is on finding solutions to critical and important issues

SUDTT Planned Portfolios 2021-2025

Communications and Networking
  • Marketing campaign targeting important stakeholders (Comms).
  • Tailored Webinars and  delivery collaboration (CPD).
  • Participation in Conferences and Symposiums.
  • SUDTT standing voice (Newsletter, Blogs, Broadcasting, YouTube
Establishment of National Strategic Planning Body
  • Establishment of National Strategic Planning Body (Primary Contributor).
National Strategic Plan - Mega Projects
  • Alignment of mandates and scope of work of each ministry.
  • Full Package of Strategic Development/ Transportation/ Infrastructure Plan.
  • Business Plans - Marketing and Feasibility studies.
  • Propose Framework of a National Urban Planning Strategy.
  • Assist in Prioritization of Infra/ Transport/ Marine time mega programs.
  • Assist in updating National Integrated Transport Model.
  • Setting up Infra Investment single window.
  • Propose National Mega Programs PMO.
  • Upgrade Infrastructure for unlocking Tourism potential of Regional Projects.
Occupational Health and Safety
  • Training on Occupational Health and Safety

Professional Practice
  • Enhance and Enforce Specific measures for Professional Practice Certification.

  • Collaboration and networking between the organizations to align efforts (educational, professional bodies..).

  • Reforming Professional Bodies.

  • Facilitation of Professional Associations to create Presence in Sudan.

Procurement and Contracts
  • Raise awareness for the Gov. on ICV/Local Content for government procurement.

  • Enhance government Procurement and Contacts procedures

Public Private Partnerships
  • Extend SUDTT Collaborations with the private sector to enhance PPP.

Capacity Building Programs
  • NUFFIC 1 (Displacement) IDEAMAP SUDAN.

  • Capacity Building Program & NUFFIC #2

  • Capacity Building Program  NUFFIC #3.

  • Digital Transformation for public/taskforce.

  • Capacity Building Programs to suit needs and projects.

  • Establishment of SUDTT specialized Training Centre.

  • Procurement Management Training.

  • Assess Supply chain /vocational training programs.

  • Establish a Database for skilled labor.

  • Assess Supply chain professional engineers.

  • SUDTT Internal training and knowledge sharing.

  • Awareness & Advocate for TVET.

  • Leadership initiatives targeting fresh graduates and youth.

Building Codes and Accessible Design
  • Building Codes and Accessible Design Awareness.

Urban Resilience for Disaster Resilience Response (DRR)
  • Building Codes and Accessible Design Awareness.

Sustainable Design and Impact Assessment
  • Impact of Mega projects on local communities and assess the economic impact on local production value-chain.

  • Electricity generation Renewable Energy from Waste Management.

  • Utilisation of TSE for replenishing Forestation.

Infrastructure Expansion
  • Feasibility for Infrastructure Expansion in Urban Areas - horizontal vs vertical

Land and Property Rights
  • Creation of a land and property Registry System.

  • Utilization of block chain technology to create a value capture tool

Smart Building Solutions
  • Organizational Change Awareness/Tackling cultural resistance of technology innovation - transformation.

  • Contribute to the mechanism of the enforcement of UD Codes/Building legislations.

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